Friday, 28 December 2012

Anyone know any of these observers?

As part of my research for the A History of the birds of Earlswood book, I wonder if anyone knows the forenames or contact details for any of the following people who have sent in Earlswood bird records to the West Midland Bird Club in the past? Any leads would be helpful. I'd like to contact them about further records/memories:

A. Abrahams
J.M.S. Arnott
D.W.H. Adams
P.J. Bateman
Miss E. Batchelor
R.F.E. Butler
R.S. Cropper
B.B. Daykin
K.A. Faulkner
P.P. Feeny
G. Fellows
N.D. Galloway
G.I. Giles
D.J. Harper
R.R. Higgins
C. Hill
B.J. Hulett
M.D. Humphreys
G.M. Ireson
M.R. Kimble
K.N. Kingscott
W.G.G. Lindley
E.C. Needle
J.E. Needle
C.D. Parnell
G.W. Rayner
J.R. Reynolds
G.L. Roberts
L. Salmon
Robert L. Smallwood (Bob?)
C.R. Stubbs
J.E. Sunderland (Ted)
D.M. Thomas
K.H. Thomas
Miss G. Thomas
A.A.K. Whitehouse
Miss O. Willetts
J.D.M. Wright

Red = recently added (08/04/2013).

Also, Peter Morgan, if you're reading this, I'm still interested in your records. As always, I'll be pleased to hear from anyone else with records/memories too!