Friday, 23 September 2011

Ruff at Earlswood

There was a juvenile Ruff at Engine Pool today, favouring the mudflats near the reed islands but flying short distances when disturbed - an area that I'd least expect a wader to frequent given the level of disturbance there, but according to locals two waders had been present in this particular spot for at least the past week, and I'm told there was a Ruff report on Birdguides from the lakes in the last few days. Although grateful to have seen today's bird (my 135th species at Earlswood), I feel dead gutted and incompetent to have probably missed two birds. In my defence I've not been able to spend much time birding since getting another job last week, and so have mainly been checking Engine Pool from the dam (opposite end) and concentrating on Windmill. Since this is an important record, being only the fourth Earlswood occurrence that I'm aware of, I'd like to document it as best as I can for my book, so if anyone has any further details please email me. I'd particularly like to hear from the birder who put the report on Birdguides. Dave and Jackie, please see my reply to your comment in previous post.

P.S. The Barnacle Goose and female Mandarin Duck reappeared at Windmill Pool today.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

11th September 2011

Whilst standing at the Malthouse Lane causeway with Jon Chidwick this morning, I was very pleased to pick out a Barnacle Goose flying in with Canada Geese to Windmill Pool, where they landed. It was still present late this evening, and I think it roosted with the other geese at Engine Pool. This is yet another scarce waterfowl species that I've managed to add to my patch list this year, following on from the Shelduck and Garganey. It seems to be only the sixth record for Earlswood, the last record being a single bird on March 31st 1986. It also brings my patch year list up to 120 species, which is the same number that my patch life list stood at at the end of last year!!! What a great birding year 2011 is proving to be at Earlswood!

Also seen this morning were 2 Common Sandpipers at Windmill Pool, and a total of 28 Siskins flew southwest over Engine Pool in two flocks. A Yellow Wagtail was heard flying over too.

M.P. Griffiths

Moth and Bat night

Here are the Anabat recording results from Earlswood Lakes (SP1073 & SP1074) Saturday 3rd September 2011, 8.45pm to 10.51pm:

Soprano Pipistrelle Pipistrellus pygmaeus = 293 sonograms

Common Pipistrelle Pipistrellus pipistrellus = 77 sonograms

50khz Pip (Com or Sop) = 138 sonograms

Nathusius Pipistrelle Pipistrellus nathusii = 2 sonograms (peak frequency 40.3khz and 40.0khz)(needs validation)

Noctule Nyctalus noctula = 4 sonograms

Daubenton’s Bat Myotis daubentonii = 21 sonograms (Probable, but with good observations to support)

Myotis spp = 11 sonograms

Brown Long-eared Bat Plecotus auritus = 1 sonograms

I challenge anyone to find a more active site for Soprano Pipistrelles! And the possible Nathusius! I recorded a pip here last year at 40khz too, I believe that common pips only get down to 41khz? The foraging is that good over the water bodies here that I am not surprised that a Nathusius might be tempted to make this a stopping point, we will have to scrutinise all the Pips found in any of the bat boxes now.

There were also larger Myotis flying across the main causeway but I have not picked up enough recordings to have been able to pin them down to a species, there was nothing this time to suggest Natterers, but we missed most of the woodland out this time.


Paul Wilkinson (06/09/2011)

Friday, 2 September 2011

Moth & bat walk

Sorry for the short notice, but a moth and bat walk has been organised by the Earlswood Wildlife Partnership for tomorrow:

Saturday 3rd September Moth & Bat night - meet at 8:30 pm Malthouse Lane Car Park. Come along for an informal short Bat Walk and to see how a moth trap works.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Kayak fishing update

It is with much relief that I found out today that British Waterways have decided to cancel the kayak fishing trial at Terry's Pool with immediate effect, and crucially that:
"The Earlswood site will not be considered for Kayak angling in the future."
Many thanks to everyone who contacted British Waterways with their comments on this issue, and a big thank you to British Waterways for coming to the right decision.