Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Possible sites for future housing in Earlswood

From what I gather, 100 new houses are to be built in Tanworth parish, around 50 of which will be at Earlswood. Eight sites at Earlswood have so far been suggested for consideration, and I'm concerned about two of these in particular: E7 along Gypsy Lane, a small field that adjoins the "Redstart hedge"; and E8 Rose Farm (off Cloweswood Lane), which adjoins Clowes Wood SSSI. Both sites look to have semi-unimproved grassland, with more botanical interest than a great many other fields in the Earlswood area, so I'll be keeping an eye on this. The following has been copied from Tanworth-in-Arden Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan documents available from the website.


Possible Sites

This simply records all the sites that have been identified in one way or another. It must stressed that the list includes every site that has come to the attention of the Housing Group, in whatever way, and absolutely no judgement of any kind has been made about any of them.


E1 Valley Road

  • Mentioned in SHLAA and rejected because within flood zone 3
  • Close to centre and next to built up area

E2 Meadowside, Earlswood Common [just north of motorway]

  • Mentioned in SHLAA (2012) and rejected because in area of high/medium landscape sensitivity to development

E3 Shutt Lane (north of Umberslade Rd) [20 - 40 houses]

  • Identified by Group
  • Next to built up area – almost infilling
  • Scope for improving village centre (larger Co op; car parking; ?)
  • Access difficulties
  • Possible highway issues

E4 Shutt Lane (south of Umberslade Rd) [10 - 20 houses]

  • Identified by Group
  • Next to built up area - almost infilling
  • ?Possible scope for improving village centre
  • Owned by National Trust

E5 West Side of The Common

  • Identified by Group
  • Depending on how the built up area is rounded scope for 5 to 10 houses
  • Owned by Parish because of Enclosure Award 1857 Trust

E6 Copes Scrap Yard 

  • Identified by group 
  • Brownfield site

E7 Rear of 96-98 Malthouse Lane

  • Identified by owner
  • Number of units not mentioned

E8 Land at End of Cloweswood Lane
  • Identified in Landscape Study