Monday, 29 December 2008

29th December 2008

During the early afternoon, I checked the field in which I'd seen Golden Plovers and Lapwings on previous occasions, but there were just 2 Stock Doves present on the ground there. For anyone who's interested in checking out this field, its location can be found here. I've been scanning it from the entrance to the Hungry Horse along Norton Lane.
I saw 30+ Siskins in trees along Valley Road (viewed from the northern edges of Engine Pool and Windmill Pool). At the lakes, the Greylag Goose was still present, along with 3+ Tufted Ducks. There were 4 Pochards (seemed to be the same birds seen on the 23rd) at Windmill Pool, with 1 Treecreeper seen and 1 Nuthatch heard around the edges; whilst 1 Kingfisher was seen at Engine Pool. Yet again it was quite dark by the time I reached Terry's Pool - I really should visit Earlswood earlier during these short winter days.
I don't expect to visit Earlswood again this year. I hope anyone who's been following this blog has had a good birding year, and I wish you all a good birding year in 2009. May I also take this opportunity to repeat my request for past and present records of all birds, common or rare, seen at Earlswood; please send any records with your name to
M.P. Griffiths

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