Sunday, 14 February 2010

14th February 2010

I spent most of the morning at the lakes and it turned out to be my best visit there this year. First checked Terry's Pool, and had 2 Kingfishers there, then Engine Pool which had nothing unusual. Then got to Windmill Pool and soon noticed a lovely male Goldeneye there (only the second time I've seen this species at Earlswood), and also saw 2 Siskins and a Raven (over). Back at Engine Pool, spotted the Muscovy Duck (had it roosted elsewhere?) and had a flyover Greylag Goose. I then spent some time at Terry's Pool again, watching Goosander numbers slowly build up to a peak of 20 (possibly a site record?!), 2 Mute Swans land on the water and a Pochard. Kevin Bates also saw the Goldeneye at Engine Pool and in flight, but I reckon the bird left the lakes during late morning.
M.P. Griffiths


Tim Jones said...

Hi Matt,

Just a quick note to say that on the 15th when driving back from Lincoln along the M42 near to earlswood my dad had a possible Bittern fly over the motorway! It wasn't a definite but it might be worth keeping an extra eye out at the reservoir especially in those reedy islands in the middle of Engine.


Matthew Griffiths said...

Many thanks Tim. I'll give the islands a good checking.