Monday, 22 March 2010

17th-22nd March 2010

As I'm so far behind with keeping this blog up-to-date, here's the highlights for mid-March:

17/03/2010 = 4 Pochards at Windmill Pool. A Rook and up to 3 Lapwings over lakes.

18/03/2010 = 2 Sand Martins over Engine Pool were my first summer migrants this year. 4 or 5 Goldcrests around lakes.

19/03/2010 = 1 Pochard visible at Windmill Pool amongst vegetation.

20/03/2010 = 2 Greylag Geese over Engine Pool. 2 Kingfishers at Terry's Pool. 3 Pochards and my first migrant Chiffchaff at Windmill Pool. Total of c. 170 Common Frogs counted at lakes.

21/03/2010 = 2 Sand Martins flew over Engine Pool, also seen by Kevin Bates who was with me. I also saw a Rook and a Meadow Pipit (others heard) fly over the lakes. Although almost certainly yet another escapee, I was very pleased to see a male Wood Duck at Windmill Pool. A Goosander and 2 Pochards were at Terry's Pool, with a 3rd Pochard and a Chiffchaff at Windmill. Missed the volunteer work party in the woods again unfortunately, but did hear a Marsh Tit in New Fallings Coppice.

22/03/2010 = 2 Meadow Pipits (others heard) seen over Rumbush Farm. 5 Greylag Geese, 2 Pochards and a Chiffchaff at Terry's Pool. 2 Swallows (my first this year) and 2 Sand Martins over Windmill Pool, also seen by Tony Philp, but no sign of Wood Duck.

The Muscovy Duck was seen on every visit, always at Windmill Pool, and looks set to stay so doesn't seem much point in continuing reporting it, but I am interested to see how long it stays.

M.P. Griffiths

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