Wednesday, 6 October 2010

This Friday & weekend

The weather forecast for this weekend looks really, really good for something unusual turning up at Earlswood, with easterly winds blowing and a little fog in the mornings to ground birds, but can you guess who's not going to be able to cover Earlswood?! Having forgotten that I'd the WeBS to do Sunday, I'd agreed to go camping with a couple of mates in Wales Friday-Sunday and am really worried I'm gonna miss a rarity! I'm even gonna try to sneak half an hour's birding in first light Friday. It would be good if someone could check the lakes this weekend, at least the causeway where Rock Pipit or a tern are possibilities.

Earlswood is long overdue a really good bird, and the last twitchable one was the Grey Phalarope in early October 2007!

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