Saturday, 21 May 2011

Night Heron present for a week

The Night Heron was seen flying over the lakes this morning at 6:40 am and this evening at 8:30 pm, both times viewed from the causeway by patient birders. How long will it stay? Here's Dave Hutton's excellent photos of the little stunner:

Adult Night Heron, Terry's Green, 18/05/2011 (all © Dave Hutton)

Note that one of the head plume feathers is visible in photo 3.

Not much else of note was around today, though a Garden Warbler singing along the railway in Clowes Wood was my first in those woods. Nearby, saw a Cinnabar moth at the Railway Scrubland (my first for a couple of years).



Carrie said...

Fantastic photos

Nick The Grief said...

Good to meet you Matt, Shame we couldn't stand the pace :-) Youl'll have to find another one for us

Matthew Griffiths said...

Cheers Nick. Maybe if it likes Earlswood it will return next year :-)