Thursday, 25 August 2011

More on Kayak fishing

I've just found the website of the kayak fisherman I saw at Terry's Pool on August 4th, with his account of the day here.

You can see the boat this guy is using, a bright orange one just perfect for scaring birds with. He also writes that his blood was boiling after loosing four big fish. Well my blood is really boiling at the thought of three of those fish with hook and line still in their gobs, which will no doubt cause further problems to wildlife once dislodged or the fish die, plus line was caught in "weed" - problems caused by just one fisherman here but all too easily exacerbated by others. Also the big fish were only carp, which can be caught at comparable size and more easily at the other two pools without needing a boat.

Most concerning though is the choice of wording in the last paragraph about the Angling Trust "securing" Terry's Pool for kayak fishing.

Reading this account, I realise that kayak fishing is going to cause even more problems:
  • Terry's Pool has many overhanging trees and aquatic plants that fishing line and hooks can get caught on, which if left are a major threat to wildlife, birds especially which I've seen suffering or killed by this on numerous occasions. Also, who would tidy up fishing line and hooks left behind - the volunteers (who do all litter-picking) don't have a boat.
  • I suspect one of the main causes of Earlswood's blue-green algae problem is the large amount of groundbait that is put into them, because it is more of a problem at Engine Pool and Windmill Pool - the amount of groundbait I've seen thrown in by some people is staggering! I can't say I've noticed anywhere near as much algae at Terry's Pool, but that could change if the amount of fishing increases.
In my previous post on this subject, I neglected to mention the tern raft, which of course will have no chance of being used if even just one kayak is allowed on the water in the 2012 breeding season.

I urge anyone opposed to this to write a letter to British Waterways.


British Waterways, Peels Wharf, Lichfield Street, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3QZ.



Kevin B said...

complaint sent to BWB, also brought it to th eattention of John Roberts maybe the wildlife trusts , and WMBC should be made aware of this situation.

Carrie said...

One letter written and sent.

Matthew Griffiths said...

Thank you both. Warks Wildlife Trust are part of the Earlswood Wildlife Partnership, and are aware of this. I'll contact WMBC.

Jeff said...

It's apparently a 12 month trial and will be reviewed at the end of that period.

Jeff said...

And here's the website I found the info from

Ashley Grove said...

Got John Roberts email and have emailed BW myself expressing my concern. Not good if this is a 12 month trial as suggested below.

Ashley Grove said...

Just had a reply back from Carl Nicholls (Fisheries and angling manager at British Waterways), he says the trial has now bee cancelled with immediate effect. So if anyone sees this continuing, I guess he would be the guy to report it too. Here's his email address Carl Nicholls