Sunday, 11 September 2011

11th September 2011

Whilst standing at the Malthouse Lane causeway with Jon Chidwick this morning, I was very pleased to pick out a Barnacle Goose flying in with Canada Geese to Windmill Pool, where they landed. It was still present late this evening, and I think it roosted with the other geese at Engine Pool. This is yet another scarce waterfowl species that I've managed to add to my patch list this year, following on from the Shelduck and Garganey. It seems to be only the sixth record for Earlswood, the last record being a single bird on March 31st 1986. It also brings my patch year list up to 120 species, which is the same number that my patch life list stood at at the end of last year!!! What a great birding year 2011 is proving to be at Earlswood!

Also seen this morning were 2 Common Sandpipers at Windmill Pool, and a total of 28 Siskins flew southwest over Engine Pool in two flocks. A Yellow Wagtail was heard flying over too.

M.P. Griffiths


Tracey said...

Hello Matt.

I have had many complications this year and apologise sincerely for my apparent disappearance or lack of interest. I have only just seen that you did a walk at Earlswood way back in February. I hope it was successful and that you had a good turn-out. I do hope so and that you will do another in the next few weeks. Again, apologies for not supporting your enthusiasm over the Spring and Summerime. Keep up the great work. Much appreciated.

Dave & Jackie said...

Hi Matt,

A good spot on the Barnacle Goose,

We were wandering around the engine pool yesterday evening (18th) at about 7pm, where on the south east section by the 'mud flats' we spotted what we thought, looking at the books were a pair of wood sandpipers, they have very striking dark olive mottled backs and a buff coloured fronts with white underbelly and yellow green legs.


Dave & Jackie

Matthew Griffiths said...

Thanks Tracey, I'm hoping to arrange another walk sometime soon.

Hi Dave and Jackie,
Are you the couple I've met several times before and today (23rd) told me of two waders you've seen at Engine Pool all week? I saw a juvenile Ruff on the mudflats today, and your description matches. Have a look at these photos of juvenile Ruffs. I'd like to know which other dates you saw them after the 18th if you can remember, especially if you saw one or both yesterday. Any other features - I think you mentioned something about the bill?
Kind regards,

Dave and Jackie said...

Hi Matt,

i think were a different couple, since our last visit was on the evening of the 21st, the link to the juvenile Ruff are a dead match (second photo) to what we viewed, including the white wing bars in flight.

They were both on the mud flats south east edge of the engine pool, with a female mandarin on the east edge, of the same lake in amongst the mallards.

The Barnacle was with the canadas' on the 'beach' of the windmill lake next to the road segregating the Windmill and Engine lakes, we also spotted a grey wagtail amongst the pied by the old boathouse on the engine lake.

The mud flats certainly seem to be attracting some good wildlife, lets hope the fish are suffering to much.

Our next wander around will be on Tuesday evening, I'm guessing your the guy with the scope, if we meet we'll introduce ourselves.

All the best

Dave & Jackie