Saturday, 12 September 2015

Bat box survey, 12/09/2015

Earlswood Wildlife Partnership today did a bat box survey at Earlswood, and although we only checked 42 of the 100+ boxes there it was a good one. We had a few Soprano Pipistrelles, a Noctule and best of all 2 Brandt's/Whiskered Bats! Paul Wilkinson (C&RT ecologist) thinks they were Whiskered, which as far as I'm aware would be a first for Earlswood, but there is also only one previous record of Brandt's in the area, so either way a great record! Hopefully DNA analysis on some droppings we collected from the box they were in will give us a positive ID...

Noctule Bat

Brandt's/Whiskered Bat - 2 in box

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