Wednesday, 13 May 2009

13th May 2009

Braved the slight rain and arrived at the lakes at roughly 1:45 pm, and quickly saw that there were 4 Black Terns over Windmill Pool!!! Brilliant - another lifer! Also present were 12 Common Terns and 80+ Swifts, with the Mute Swan back at Terry's Pool. Going along Malthouse Lane, I saw 2 Collared Doves fly out of a tree, and there in the tree was a Sparrowhawk. At the scrubland south of Windmill Pool, I saw 2 Common Whitethroats near the installation, but best of all heard a Cuckoo at Windmill Pool, then saw it heading southwest over the scrubland, calling (first time I've actual seen one!). Returning to the causeway at c. 4:20 pm, saw that Black Tern numbers had increased to 6.

The 6 Black Terns were still present at Windmill Pool when I returned at c. 6:10 pm. Phil Carter was already there (nice to meet you) and 2 other birders arrived whilst I was there - these birds seem to have been enjoyed by quite a few birders today, probably because the species appears to have only been reported from 2 other places in the WMBC region. I also saw a Common Sandpiper flying over Windmill Pool, though a birder there was sure he saw 2.

Leaving Earlswood, I then checked out Trittiford Mill Pool (Birmingham) to see if any terns were there, but none were and a Kingfisher was the only notable bird seen.

John Yardley got to Earlswood during the evening, and had 6 Black Terns also. They've been reported on BirdGuides but I don't know details and assume no more than 6 were seen today.

M.P. Griffiths


midlands birder said...

can you throw a net over them till saturday,i havent seen one yet

Matthew Griffiths said...


I reckon you've a good chance of seeing this species on Saturday, given the weather forecast.

Phil Carter said...

no usable pics of black terns i'm afraid, poor light and to birds to fast, that's my excuse anyway!