Saturday, 28 November 2009

28th November 2009

Many thanks to Craig Reed for texting me his sighting of an estimated 1000 Golden Plovers that flew over Norton Lane, flying in from the east (direction of Hungry Horse) then circling twice near the garden he was at (near Rumbush Farm) before moving on westwards, during the afternoon. He added that "at times the sky was filled with Golden Plover" - sounds fantastic! After a few minutes about 300 of them returned for him to watch, but it wasn't long before they disappeared, last seen flying northwards. His account of these sightings can be read here.

Unfortunately I wasn't with my phone when he sent the texts, else I'd have dropped whatever it was I was doing to go see them. Cycled along Norton Lane and stayed at the Hungry Horse for 15 minutes, but it was getting on for an hour since Craig last saw them and the light was fading. There were just 55 Lapwings in the field, and unfortunately it was getting too late to check the lakes so checked the fields along Cleobury Lane instead but still nowt golden seen. A small consolation was a Little Owl at what seems to be a regular haunt nearby - first time I've seen it in the evening.
M.P. Griffiths

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