Monday, 29 June 2009

29th June 2009

Highlight of an evening visit today was seeing a Common Sandpiper at Engine Pool. Also at Engine Pool were the usual 2 Mute Swans and singing Reed Warbler. Some Common Terns were present as usual, and I reckon these are birds breeding at Marsh Lane NR and coming to Earlswood for food, as I've seen birds leaving the lakes and heading in the same direction on a number of occasions now, and none seem to stay for the night. Anyway, I stayed at the lakes quite late this evening and was surprised to see that the last 3 Common Terns didn't leave until 10:06 pm! As it was quite dark when I left the lakes, I decided to check out fields along some of Earlswood's "quieter" roads, hoping for a hunting owl, but only encountered morons behind wheels (chavs shouting abuse at me and some idiot with headlights on full beam driving fast towards me). *sighs*
M.P. Griffiths


midlands birder said...

the terns proberbly go to marsh lane,i dont know of any breeding birds between earlswood-marsh lane.i know this is a long shot but maybe some are from the kingsbury colony but marsh lane is closer

Matthew Griffiths said...

I agree with what you're saying. But the thing is last year I was told that most of the Kingsbury colony had moved to Marsh Lane. Also, any terns at Kingsbury would have the whole Tame valley to fish at, so not sure if they'd bother making the longer journey to Earlswood.

Matthew Griffiths said...

Would be interested to know how many Common Terns were visiting Earlswood during the summer during previous years. Anyone?