Monday, 13 April 2009

12th April 2009

On Sunday morning I visited New Fallings Coppice, Clowes Wood and the lakes.

In Clowes Wood, I concentrated on the path that runs adjacent to the railway line. The best birds were blackcap, chiffchaff, and a flock of what I believe were siskins and lesser redpoll, though identification was difficult as I was looking high up in the canopy and the birds were silhouetted against the sky. The calls I heard were consistent with lesser redpoll, but I am fairly confident I spotted at least one or two male siskins amongst them.

New Fallings Coppice held nothing better than a couple of great spotted woodpeckers.

On reaching Terry's Pool, I walked left towards the metal bridge. A few hirundines were seen, but although I suspected they were swallows, I never positively clinched identification. Another blackcap was heard along the path.

After crossing the metal bridge, I heard the familiar song of a willow warbler. I tracked it down to a tree just a few yards away.

Walking down the southern edge of Engine Pool, I reckon there were another three or four blackcaps, all in good voice.

Instead of walking around Windmill Pool as I usually do, I decided to scan from the causeway instead. No common tern were seen and there was nothing else out of the ordinary on offer. I had a good look for grey wagtails and common sandpiper without success.

The highlight was an oystercatcher that flew east over Engine Pool and Windmill Pool at 9:40am - the first one that I recall seeing at the lakes.

On the way home, the area around the Hungry Horse was very productive. Three linnets were seen, along with three lapwings, several stock dove and a few swallows. A skylark rose out of a field a bit further down Norton Lane.

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