Wednesday, 22 April 2009

22nd April 2009

B90 reported seeing 2 Arctic Terns and 2 Common Terns at Windmill Pool during the morning.

On the way back from an outing, I had an opportunity to do a few minutes birdwatching at the Hungry Horse car park during the early afternoon and was pleased to see 8 Linnets there. Later, I cycled back to Earlswood, hoping to hear a Cuckoo along Wood Lane but didn't despite going along that road twice. There were no terns about when I reached Windmill Pool at c. 4:50 pm. The most notable sightings were 3 Grey Herons, and along the north side of Terry's Pool a Mallard pair with 15 ducklings (saw a female with 16 on the 19th though).
M.P. Griffiths

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