Saturday, 18 April 2009

18th April 2009

There was another report of Arctic Tern(s) at Earlswood Lakes, seen sometime before 9:11 am. I didn't notice this until the afternoon, but cycled down and got there at about 2 pm. When I first got there, I was pretty sure there were 4 terns present at Windmill Pool but soon there were just 2 there. Those frickin' sailing boats were out, so that I was often only able to see a tern resting on a buoy for less than 30 seconds. Even so, I thought both were Common Terns and could see no features that would suggest Arctic.
Back at home, I saw yet another report of Arctic Tern(s) at the lakes, seen sometime before 8:16 pm, but of course it was far too late to go out and anyway I had zero energy.
M.P. Griffiths

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midlands birder said...

so it was you i met.i figured with all the people around it wouldent matter what i wear so i came in a bright red liverpool top.not my usual birding clothes but it was very of the birds i watched on engine pool showed all the features of arctic but did show a dark tip to bill.but i am told this is within the boundries of arctic.and even if these wernt arctics i had the 2 definet arctics on the south shore of engine pool and after they flew in the direction of windmill pool