Friday, 25 December 2009

25th December 2009

Was able to visit the lakes during the afternoon, and upon arrival found a Coot struggling to move on ice right next to the path at Engine Pool. There was fishing line attached to the bank and down the bird's throat (those damn fishermen again!!!), and I was able to pick the bird off the ice and restrain it on the bank. I had nothing to cut the line with, but fortunately a kind passerby was able to cut the line and I freed the bird - in hindsight perhaps I should've phoned the RSPCA but the bird seemed tired like it had been stuck for some time and who knows how quickly someone would've come out, especially today. Notable birds were a first-winter Common Gull on ice at Engine Pool and later Windmill Pool, the 2 Shovelers at Windmill Pool, and a Kingfisher at Engine Pool. In New Fallings Coppice, I saw 2 Treecreepers together and heard a Goldcrest.
M.P. Griffiths

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