Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Addenda for early December

2nd December 2009: a Common Gull was reported somewhere nearby, but I can not confirm that it was actually at the lakes or indeed somewhere in the Earlswood area, because the website I got this from is withholding the location!!! I am only aware of two occurrences of Common Gulls at the lakes in the last decade, so it's a shame this record will have to go down as unconfirmed unless the observer comes forward.

3rd December 2009: Tony and Barbara Philp saw a male Goldeneye at Windmill Pool during the afternoon. Perhaps this was the duck seen by another couple, which I mentioned in a previous post?

Goosanders, 01/12/2009 (© Tony Philp)

White-cheeked Pintail, 26/11/2009 (© Tony Philp)

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