Sunday, 6 December 2009

6th December 2009

Another brief early morning visit to the lakes was much quieter, with a Sparrowhawk near the Malthouse Lane car park, a Kingfisher at Engine Pool and 2 Tufted Ducks at Terry's Pool being the most notable birds seen.

John Yardley picked me up and we went to Morton Bagot, where we had a Green Sandpiper, 2+ Stonechats, 2+ Ravens, 34 Greylag Geese and 2 Teals. I also saw a few ducks fly over, which might've been Wigeons but I'm not certain.

Back at Earlswood, we passed the Hungry Horse field and saw lots of birds on the ground there, so we just had to go back! Mostly Golden Plovers they were, and John asked how many I reckoned were there. I estimated 200+ but, as I've found before, I have a tendency to underestimate flock sizes: John had to go, after which I eventually managed to count 312 Golden Plovers and 58 Lapwings, plus saw a Raven fly over.

M.P. Griffiths

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