Wednesday, 13 January 2010

13th January 2010

During the late afternoon, I noted 5 Mute Swans at Engine Pool; whilst at Windmill Pool saw a Coot apparently stuck to overhanging branches at the only unfrozen part of the lake (no doubt bl**dy fishing line involved as usual!!!), plus a Kingfisher along Spring Brook again.

I then got home and found a link to this Angling Times article posted on a bird email group I'm in - made me extra cross, especially as the whole article seems to have been written on the presumption that the assault was committed by a birder! Note the bit about anglers discarding hooks and line described as "utter nonsense"!!! Well, not in my experience at Earlswood: I've now seen 2 Coots, 1 or 2 Mallard and 1 Wren caught by the stuff in the last 10 or so months, plus a gull and Woodpigeon seen in flight with line trailing behind them, and picked up discarded line on a number of occasions, and who knows how many other birds have suffered unnoticed. Sorry for the little rant, and I do know some anglers are careful with their equipment and litter.

M.P. Griffiths

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