Monday, 4 January 2010

4th January 2010

Well I haven't got my patch birding off to a good start this year, I'm afraid. This was my first visit to the lakes this year and it was quite brief, but 7 Mute Swans was almost certainly my best count of the species at Earlswood to date, 5 of which were a family and, according to someone who regularly feeds the birds, they'd arrived today. A first-winter Common Gull and 13 Tufted Ducks all at Engine Pool were also noted.

With all this cold weather freezing up the lakes and forcing birds to congregate at the unfrozen areas next to paths, I'm not hopeful of anything very good turning up until things warm up a little. I'd love to be proved wrong though, so would be grateful of updates. In the meantime, I'm busy sending my records to the BTO and county recorders, and currently have a backlog going back to November 2007!!! Don't forget that I'm still very interested in receiving people's 2000-2009 records for the Earlswood Bird Report.

M.P. Griffiths

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